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Latest Episodes

74: Making The Most Out Of The Next Chapter with Hilary DeCesare

What stops us from living an amazing next chapter of our lives? Well, award-winning entrepreneur, transformational coach, and CEO of TheRelaunchCo.com, Hilary DeCesare uses her specially designed model to help clients heal the Heart, Head, and Higher Self to welcome an immensely fulfilling life. And as a product of the corporate world, Hilary decided to step out on faith and step into her passion, helping others release past expectations and banish the blocks and beliefs keeping us stuck.

73: The Millionaire Within Her with Kristi Frank

Business, health, and beauty guru, and star of Season 1 of The Apprentice, Kristi Frank, has a new series called Millionaire Within Her, featuring over 45 of the most badass women sharing their wisdom on wealth. On this episode, we're getting a sneak peek on this incredible series, hearing some life-changing stories of women stepping into their passion and power. Then head over to notoverjustdifferent.com/millionaire to register, and be prepared to be inspired – you won't want to miss it!

72: How To Master Menopause with Vanessa Ford

Author, menopause and perimenopause expert, and co-Founder of MenoLabs, Vanessa Ford, is empowering women with solutions, expectations, and insights to better manage the transitional period of menopause with complete confidence. In this episode, we discuss the importance of acknowledging the transition, being honest with our loved ones, and why tracking symptoms is essential to navigating menopause gracefully. We’re getting very real on how to master menopause without stigma or shame, so enjoy!

71: Left At 50 with Diane Burroughs

After being married for over 24 years, Diane Burroughs found herself alone at 50 after her husband left her for a woman half her age. And in this episode, Diane and Natalie dive into a good old-fashioned girl chat, bonding over this shared experience. Get ready for an uplifting conversation on how to navigate life after divorce, find the freedom in being exactly who you want to be, and even laugh at the ups and downs of these life-changing experiences. Enjoy!

70: Bigger, Better, Braver with Nancy Pickard

At 61 years old, life coach Nancy Pickard decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro – a decision she made just one year prior that pushed her to do something outside of her comfort zone and into a much-needed spiritual transformation. And that’s why to this day, she is helping women face their fears, move through them, and come out on the other side, nothing short of triumphant. So get ready to learn how to move through your fears, embrace your courage, and take that leap of faith!

69: How To Be Selfish with Naketa Thigpen

Psychotherapist, trauma specialist, sexology and relationship expert, and author of the international bestselling book, Selfish, Naketa Thigpen shows us how to set healthy boundaries and navigate through our relationships with love, compassion, and sexual connection. She’ll unpack exactly what it means to be selfish and why leaning into this concept can help to cultivate some of the most incredible relationships in our lives.