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Join me for some deep, raw, and candid conversations about everything from health, aging gracefully, relationships, and how to squeeze the juice out of life.


Latest Episodes

Sherry Gideons

46: Living In The Moment with Sherry Gideons

Celebrity fitness expert, life mastery consultant, and spiritual teacher Sherry Gideons is here to show us how to squeeze the juice out of every living moment. After years of reaching for perfection while working in the professional body-building industry that led to a near-death experience, Sherry came back to the other side with the understanding that everything we’ve ever needed and wanted is right in front of us. So brace yourself for a powerful story on how we can all live in the moment.

Marni Battista

45: Dating With Dignity with Marni Battista

Relationship coach, dating expert, and founder of Dating with Dignity, Marni Battista, is helping us figure out if we're really with the right guy. She reveals the important values to look for in a partner and exactly how to communicate to receive what we want. She'll also explain the reason why we need to ditch the laundry list of deal-breakers, and the dating traps to avoid. Get ready for the dating awakening you've been waiting for!

Natalie Susi

44: Conscious Communication with Natalie Susi

Teacher, writer, entrepreneur, and conscious communication coach, Natalie Susi, teaches her clients how to bridge the communication gap, so people feel seen, heard, and understood. And just like in her coaching, she shares how we as women can learn to rewrite our personal stories to welcome amazing opportunities, people, and experiences into our lives. So, get ready because we are dropping deep into how to wipe out deep-rooted mental programming to become the most honest versions of ourselves.

Dr. Bita Yadidi

43: Embracing A Holistic Lifestyle with Dr. Bita Yadidi

After a catalyzing event rocked her entire world, Dr. Bita Yadidi dedicated her life to helping busy, overwhelmed, and stressed women find their unique path to a transformative holistic lifestyle through Eastern medicine. With beliefs that disease comes from unresolved emotions, Dr. Bita is encouraging women to tap into the mind, body, and spirit connection to combat common bodily issues that can arise throughout our lifetime to awaken more energy and vitality. Get ready to feel empowered!

Judy Thomas

42: Caring Compassionately with Judy Thomas

Sometimes all it takes is an aha moment to realize that you're worthy of so much more than the cards you were dealt. And that's exactly what Judy Thomas found by pulling back the curtain on what she thought was a picture-perfect life. Now, as CEO of The Coalition for Compassionate Care of California, she’s shifting healthcare on a systemic level to focus on better quality of life for all through her spiritual awakening story of learning to observe and be kind to ourselves.

Susan Burrell

41: Journeying From Worthless To Worthy with Susan Burrell

As women at this time in our lives, it’s important to learn to love ourselves beyond measure, without any expectations. And just like two long lost soul sisters, in this episode, intuitive healer and spiritual guide Susan Burrell and I talk all about the journey from feeling worthless to worthy. Author of ‘Live an Empowered Life! A 30-Day Journey Book’, Susan is empathetically using her own story of grief and shame to teach others how to live an empowered life.